The languages of the world at SPRACHWEISER

Ever since humans learnt to speak probably hundreds of thousands of years ago, we have been using language to explain extremely complex matters, express ourselves, philosophise, create poetry and build bridges with each other. But we don’t all speak the same language – literally.

Professionelle Sprachexperten in Berlin - SPRACHWEISER


There are currently about 7,000 languages in the world, not counting different dialects. Every language is unique and incredibly diverse. If you include rare words and specific terminology, there are easily several million words in any one language. The English language contains around 170,000 words in current use and this doesn’t take into account technical and regional vocabulary.
All these different words making up a language are uniquely pieced together to form sentences and larger constructions. The ways in which we can express ourselves are therefore unlimited.

Thank goodness for our language experts at SPRACHWEISER who speak all languages:
• English
• French
• Russian
• Arabic
• Turkish
• And many others

Our large network of specialist language experts allows us to give you a helping hand in whatever language.

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