Interpreting in Berlin

Interpreting means verbally conveying a heard language into another language.

SPRACHWEISER interpreters give you a helping hand


At international events such as trade fairs, conferences and summit meetings, professionals and managers would not be able to successfully negotiate and exchange know-how without interpreters.

Immigrants are also frequently assisted by interpreters, whether it be during job center appointments, medical consultations, asylum proceedings or court hearings.

We can put you in touch with qualified interpreters to help you on your way, whatever the language and whatever the situation.

Our interpreting services

Interpreting can take many forms. We offer you:
•  Simultaneous interpreting  – at the same time as the spoken word
•  Consecutive interpreting  – after the spoken word with a time delay
•  Conference interpreting  – specialist interpreters, simultaneous and consecutive
•  Sworn interpreting  at courts, notary offices, police stations and authorities
•  Sign language interpreting  for the deaf

Our interpreting services are available in a wide range of languages, including
•  Arabic
• Serbian
• Vietnamese
•  English
• Ukrainian
•  Turkish
• Chinese
•  Other languages

The cost of an interpreter varies depending on the situation, language pair and duration of the assignment.

Contact us for a tailored quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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