French has charm. Its melodic pronunciation is a treat to the ears, enchanting us and conjuring up images of romanticism, good food and savoir vivre.

Pardon my French

Between the 17th and 19th century, the French language originating from Latin was a major academic language in Europe. During this time, many words still used today made their way into English vocabulary, like rendezvous, bouquet and souvenir. The influence of haute cuisine has meant that many French culinary terms have also become common usage, from aperitif to vinaigrette.

A global reach

French is still of great significance today. At least 200 million people use it daily to communicate on all continents of the globe, and the French-speaking market is seen to have great growth potential.


A professional translation from or into French may be needed for a variety of reasons. Whatever yours is, be it
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• an application,
• or something else entirely,
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We would also be happy to arrange a sworn translator or interpreter for German-French or get one of our editors to tweak your French text.

In addition to French-German and German-French, we also offer other language combinations, such as:
• French-English
• French-Russian
• French-Arabic
And many others

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