Conference interpreting in Berlin

Conference interpreters are highly qualified interpreters, both in terms of subject matter and linguistically. At events such as:

• Conferences
• Conventions
• Presentations
• Board meetings
• State visits
• Technical training sessions
• Panel discussions

they ensure seamless communication by accurately conveying complex contexts and the subtlest of nuances.

Conference interpreters know every technique inside out.

Simultaneous interpreting is the most common method here. Consecutive interpreting is also widely used.

In particular, conference interpreters use whisper interpreting and liaison interpreting.

Whisper interpreting is a usually technology-free variant of simultaneous interpreting for one or two listeners at most. The interpreter stands or sits right next to the listener and whispers directly into their ear in real time. Whisper interpreting is used for factory tours, conferences or political meetings as an example

Liaison interpreting or ad hoc interpreting is a special kind of consecutive interpreting in which shorter text passages are rendered into the target language with a time delay. This type of interpreting comes into play during contract negotiations, witness questioning, technical discussions, table talks, etc.

Do you need a conference interpreter in Berlin?

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