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Turkish is a Turkic language. This means that it is closely related to Mongolian and has its roots somewhere in Central Asia. From 1300, it was the language of the Ottoman Empire and was written using Arabic letters.

It was only in 1928 that the Latin alphabet was introduced as part of Atatürk’s reforms. The orthography is relatively phonemic and there are only a few letters that the English alphabet doesn’t have, for example the Turkish “ç” for the sound [ch] (as in “chair”).

There are approximately 75 million native Turkish speakers in the world today. It is the official language in Turkey and Cyprus, and is used as a regional official language in Macedonia, Romania and Kosovo. The biggest language islands are Germany with around 2 million speakers and Bulgaria with over 1 million speakers.

SPRACHWEISER brings you closer to Turkish-speaking communication partners

In addition to the textile, commerce, tourism and logistics sector, there are many other areas that could call for a professional translator or interpreter, from writing a job application to getting married.

Sworn Turkish translators and interpreters are also frequently required for bilingual contracts or court hearings, amongst other things.

SPRACHWEISER competently assists you in your German-Turkish matter, not forgetting other Turkish language combinations, such as:
• Turkish-English
• Turkish-French
And many more

We would also be happy to polish up your texts already written in Turkish as part of our editing service.

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