Medical translations in Berlin

There is no room for doubt here; medical translations have to be completely accurate. After all, errors could end fatally. For example, an error in the translation of medical results could result in incorrect treatment. Translation precision is also an absolute must in other medical areas:

• mMedical science
• Findings, diagnoses and treatment of patients
• Doctor’s certificates and attestations
• Medical devices and aids
• Laboratory technology
• Instruction leaflets for pharmaceuticals
• Nutritional advice
• General healthcare
• And many more


Accurate and doubt-free from A to Z

Specialist medical translators require thorough knowledge of medical terms, Latin words and the relevant specialisation. Ambiguous or inaccurate formulations are a no go for such translations.

Play it safe with SPRACHWEISER

Your medical, pharmaceutical or healthcare documentation will always be translated by our highly qualified native speakers.

Many of them are sworn translators and/or have been verified according to the international quality standard ISO 17100 for translation services. This means that we can also offer you accredited and certified translations for the medical field – for your own peace of mind or for submission to employers and authorities.

Competent support and expert translations

Send your questions our way! We will advise you competently and handle your medical documentation in the strictest confidence.

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