The Arabic language is a Semitic language and is therefore closely related to Hebrew, Maltese and Aramaic, amongst others. It is about 1,500 years old.

Today, around 300 million people speak Arabic as their native or second language worldwide, primarily in North and East Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula, where it is the official language in most of the countries.

Here in Berlin, Arabic is one of the most common languages alongside Russian and English – after German of course. Like in the rest of Germany, it is largely spoken by refugees and ethnic groups of Arab descent.

Highly varied both written and spoken

It is important to point out that there is not just one Arabic language, but rather many, very different Arabic national dialects, e.g. Egyptian, Syriac and Lebanese. These regional variants are often not written out.

There is also Classical Arabic – the decorative, poetic form found in the Quran. It is written from right to left, is hardly spoken and differs greatly from spoken Arabic dialects.

In light of this, it is incredibly important that the right Arabic language expert deals with your situation, whether it be written or spoken. At SPRACHWEISER, we guarantee precisely that.

Skilled Arabic linguists at SPRACHWEISER

From our large network of native Arabic translators, interpreters and editors, we pick out the linguist with the appropriate background for the task to help you break down cultural barriers.

We can also assist if you need a sworn translator or interpreter.

What’s more, we don’t just offer the combination of German and Arabic or one of its national dialects, but also:
– Arabic-English
– Arabic-French
And a range of other languages

Competent support with feeling

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