Simultaneous interpreting in Berlin

Simultaneous interpreting involves verbally conveying speech from the source language into another language at the same time as the speaker.

Conference interpreting and sign language interpreting are examples of simultaneous interpreting.

From ear to ear in a matter of seconds

Simultaneous interpreters listen to the original speech in a soundproof booth via earphones and speak the translated message into a microphone, which then reaches the intended recipients, again via earphones.

Simultaneous interpreters have to understand what is being said on the spot, render it into the target language and speak it, all while continuing to follow the ongoing speech. Since this is extremely challenging, simultaneous interpreters usually work in twos or more and swap over at intervals of approximately 20 minutes.

Multilingual yet efficient

Simultaneous interpreting has proved incredibly efficient at international events in the economic, political and scientific spheres.

Presentations and talks run smoothly without any interruptions, allowing valuable time to be saved and meetings to be flexibly organised.

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