Specialist translations

Specialist translations are translations that are produced for particular subject areas. Whether it be:
• in the industrial sector,
• at authorities,
• in the healthcare field or
• in the advertising industry –
there are situations in any branch where specialist translations are needed for communication partners who speak a different language. Examples include:
• Users of appliances
• Lawyers
• Patients
• Prospective customers

Specialist translators – linguists who are masters in their field

Specialist translators have double the expertise because not only do they know their stuff when it comes to translation, they also have an excellent understanding of another subject. These are sometimes extremely specialised subjects such as surgical dentistry or patent law.

Specialist translators transform the “technical jargon” of the source text into target texts while using the correct terminology as well as reflecting the appropriate tone. After all, factually precise, convoluted sentences may be suitable for legal documents but they won’t draw in new customers.

Benefit from our large network of translators

We count on a large network of passionate native-speaker linguists boasting a vast array of subject-matter specialisations. As everyone at SPRACHWEISER focuses on what they do best, we can guarantee top quality for all language combinations and specialist fields.

• English,
• French,
• Russian,
• Arabic and
• Turkish
are just some of the languages we offer.

Competent support and tailored translation solutions

Whatever your specific translation needs, contact us directly so we can find the ideal solution for you.

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