Legal translations in Berlin

The letter of the law

Many of our dealings are increasingly taking place on the international stage. In this context, a wide range of legally binding texts must be made available in more than one language. The following are just a few examples of legal texts that frequently need to be translated:

• Contracts of all kinds
• Statements of claim, testimonies and court rulings
• Terms and conditions (T&Cs)
• Company formation documents
• Wills

The translated content not only has to be precise, but above all legally watertight.

One’s word is law

This task is not to be taken lightly. If legal translations contain what would otherwise be considered minor errors, this could have serious consequences. A professional translation is therefore advised at all costs.

Specialist legal translators
• have in-depth specialist knowledge of the legal systems in the source and target language countries,
• know how to use the correct legal terms in the target language and
• can compose texts in the typical legal style of the target language.

You can rely on SPRACHWEISER

We work with English, French and many other native speakers, who are all qualified in the field of legal translations. Many of them are also authorised to produce certified translations and/or have been certified to the ISO 17100 quality standard for translation services.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions and prepare a legally sound quote for you.

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