Intercultural expertise

How should I greet my business partners in Saudi Arabia? What does punctuality mean in Japan? How should I conduct myself if I get invited to dinner in China?

Both within your own company and outside it, if you want to successfully collaborate with customers, colleagues and business partners, you need to be familiar with and understand their culture.

You will only generate positive results if you’re aware of and master the challenges of a multinational setting.

Our intercultural seminars give you and your fellow employees profound insight into the culture of the country you’re doing business with, opening a new office in or hoping to work in at some point down the line.

Intercultural expertise is your key to international success!

Confidence on an international stage


By imparting knowledge about a country’s unique aspects and expectations, SPRACHWEISER will help you break down language and cultural barriers and make you feel confident on an international stage. Conquer the world and boost your business!

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