Marketing translations

Marketing translations involve transforming promotional texts from a source language into a target language, for example:

• Press releases and PR articles
• Brochures, newsletters, leaflets
• Advertising e-mails, advertising flyers, billboard advertisements
• Commercials
• Product catalogues

Fine-tuning the text to the target group in the relevant market is crucial here. For instance, potential holidaymakers don’t want to be addressed in the same way as landlords. And Generation Z is wired completely differently in Germany compared to the USA or Russia.

Culture-specific creativity for a guaranteed wow factor

Creative wordplay, idioms and references are often what makes advertising texts appealing in the first place. When translating these into another language, they have to be just as powerful.

Sometimes an adaptation or transcreation is more suitable than a mere translation. This means that the original text is used as a basis to create a new one for a foreign audience in which the same emotions and associations are evoked and cultural faux pas are avoided at all costs.

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