The English language is a West Germanic language and is therefore closely related to German. Come to think of it, they have a lot of words in common, for instance Bruder/brother, Haus/house and Kuh/cow. Their differences lie mainly in the pronunciation of letters and the grammar.

Ireland, India and the Internet

English is the native language of around 340 million people and is spoken as a second language or official language in many other countries. It has become the ultimate dominant language in the fields of international politics, economy, science and culture. And as for the Internet, which connects us globally, English is the common denominator.

Everybody can speak English, right?

English is taught as a compulsory foreign language in schools in Germany and many other countries. Pretty much anyone can speak English nowadays, right? So do we still need professional translators and interpreters for English?

The answer is yes. Because only they can deliver native-level quality. Not grasping small but significant nuances and getting caught out by false friends can hamper communication with customers or suppliers. And what if you speak perfect New York English but your business partner comes from London? Here, cultural and other aspects also play a key role.

We concentrate on the language so you can focus on the content

Whether it be a CV, letter of application, technical documentation or academic publication: SPRACHWEISER translates your texts into perfect English and can certify them if needed. We also offer an editing service for texts already written in English.

Do you need an interpreter for German-English? Then look no further than SPRACHWEISER.

In addition to German-English, we of course also offer other language combinations, such as:
• English-Russian
• English-Arabic
• English-French
• English-Turkish
• And many other languages

Competent support and tailored translation solutions

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us a message if you’re looking for translation or interpreting services for English.

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