The 10 time zones of the Russian-speaking world

Russian is a Slavic language used by around 210 million people in total every day, mainly in the enormous region of the former Soviet Union countries stretching from Moscow to Kamchatka.

In Russia and many other countries, the Russian language is still the official language or at least a second language and/or lingua franca.

Welcoming and ambitious

The Russian language is different to English in that it is written using the Cyrillic alphabet. The cultures vary too. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that the Russians like to eat and drink copious amounts together. But did you know that it is regarded as impolite in Russia to finish everything on your plate?

At the same time, the Russian-speaking world has been a key economic player in Europe and the rest of the world for a while now. Russian language experts who can build communication bridges here are therefore highly valued.

Our Russian experts

At SPRACHWEISER, we work exclusively with native Russian speakers who not only focus on the pure linguistic aspects of your situation, but also the cultural aspects:
• Interpreters
• Specialist translators
• Sworn translators
• Editors

Aside from German-Russian and Russian-German, we also offer the following language combinations:
• Russian-English
• Russian-French
• And many more

Competent support with feeling

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