Sign language interpreting in Berlin

When we talk about “languages”, we usually mean those that you speak out loud. But we shouldn’t forget sign languages used by people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafened.

Deaf but not without a voice!

Sign languages are independent and natural languages that have evolved over time and there are over a hundred different kinds worldwide. They are made up of visually perceived elements such as gestures, facial expressions, silently mouthed words and body posture. Direct visual contact between the interlocutors is therefore absolutely essential.

Spoken languages and sign languages

Sign language interpreters convey a spoken language into a sign language or vice versa, or they interpret between two sign languages.

The field of activity of sign language interpreters is multifaceted and includes:
• Conferences
• Staff meetings
• Parents’ evenings
• Visits to the doctor
• Cultural activities
• Music events

At administrative bodies, authorities and courts as well as in connection with vocational training, medical treatment and the working world, those who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafened are legally entitled to a sign language interpreter.

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